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The Lebanese Druze people are believed to constitute about 5. The Maronite Catholic and the Druze founded modern Lebanon in the early eighteenth century, through the ruling and social system known as the “Maronite-Druze dualism” in Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate. The Druze faith does not follow the Five Pillars of Islam , such as fasting during the month of Ramadan , and making a pilgrimage to Mecca. When Druze live among people of other religions, they try to blend in, in order to protect their religion and their own safety. They can pray as Muslims, or as Christians, depending on where they are. This system is apparently changing in modern times, where more security has allowed Druze to be more open about their religious belonging. The Tanukhids inaugurated the Druze community in Lebanon when most of them accepted and adopted the new message that was being preached in the 11th century, due to their leaderships close ties with then Fatimid ruler Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

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Sheikh Moafaq Tarif, the spiritual leader of the Druze community, delivered today an urgent plea for the safety of the Druze community in Syria. The Islamist terror group Jabhat al-Nusr is forcing conversions of Druze in Idlib, and seizing property, while destroying a Druze holy site and cemetery there, he said. The Sheikh said the situation for the Druze people is most difficult in Syria.

Most of the estimated one million Druze live in Lebanon and Syria, and about , are in Israel. Tarif, who lives in a Druze village of Julis in the Galilee region in northern Israel, spoke admirably of the historic relationship between the Druze and Jewish peoples, dating to the founding of the Druze faith more than 1, years ago.

The Druze are a small religious and ethnic minority who marry within their faith. In Canada, they number around , which makes the.

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The Druze constitute around 3 to 4 [1] per cent of the population and are the third largest religious minority in Syria. Druze are ethnically Arab and Arabic speaking. Their monotheistic religion incorporates many beliefs from Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and is also influenced by Greek philosophy and Hinduism. Druze have not proselytized since the 11th century, and the religion remains closed to outsiders.

In spite of the purges of Druze in the s, like other communities, they share in government though the reins of real power remain in Alawi hands. Like the Alawis, the Druze have supported secular nationalism but remain anxious to be considered within the fold of Islam, even if some feel their beliefs barely merit it, and fear being disavowed by the Sunni majority, especially at a time of Sunni revivalism. The first Druze settlers probably arrived in the Jabal Druze from Mount Lebanon and Aleppo at the end of the seventeenth century.

Their chief concerns were to establish communities where they would not be molested by Ottoman authorities or the Sunni population, and that were defensible against Bedouin raids. Jabal Druze was ideal. As a result of the events of in Mount Lebanon, the Jabal experienced a massive influx of Druze migrants from Lebanon and the population rocketed, as the south and eastern slopes of the Jabal were colonized. Throughout the nineteenth century the Ottomans unsuccessfully attempted to subdue the Druze into submission to taxation and conscription like the rest of the province of Syria.

They only succeeded in The Druze responded ambivalently to the short-lived Arab kingdom of , and welcomed the establishment of an independent Druze territory by France. But certain leaders were profoundly suspicious of French intentions and in a major revolt, in unison with Arab nationalists in Damascus, nearly ejected France from the country.

5 facts about Israeli Druze, a unique religious and ethnic group

Dubbed the weathervane of the local political scene, he is well-known for changing his views and alliances depending on the political climate. You’ve probably noticed that the Druze faith is somehow resemblant to an exclusive club. One cannot simply “join. You can look for a loophole all you want, but you are either born Druze or you’re not. This violent incident sent shockwaves across the country, paving the way for much dark humor on the matter.

Date: July-September From: The Journal of the American Oriental Society(​Vol. , Issue 3). Publisher: American Oriental Society. Document Type: Book.

It’s hard enough to find the man you’re going to marry — imagine if you’re working with a fraction of the number most of us are. That’s the case if you’re Druze, a tiny Arab religion that requires both of the spouses to be Druze in order to have a Druze wedding and raise their children in the religion. There are just 1 million Druze in the world, with , in the States via The Atlantic. And so, singles mixers at Druze conventions are held in order to match up twentysomethings, and many wind up in long-distance relationships out of state, or even out of country.

Fatin Harfouch, 23, now engaged to a Druze man that she met at one such convention after months of platonic Facebook messaging, says, “I think it’s hard for young people today who are raised here in the U. The Druze part is just a small portion of who they are. So I think coming to a convention is bringing it to the forefront of their mind But for others like Rima Muakkassa, the vice president of the American Druze Society, “It would have come down to marrying Druze, or not marrying at all.

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Finding a life partner is hard enough. For those of the Druze faith, their future depends on it

Infantile Krabbe disease is a severe, fatal autosomal recessive disorder resulting from the deficiency of galactocerebrosidase GALC activity. It is relatively common in two separate inbred communities in Israel. In the Druze community in Northern Israel and two Moslem Arab villages located near Jerusalem the incidence of Krabbe disease is about 1 in — live births. With our cloning of the GALC gene, mutation analysis of these populations was undertaken.

The Moslem Arabs were homozygous for two mutations in the GALC gene; a T-to-C transition at cDNA position counting from the A of the initiation codon , which is considered a polymorphism, and a G-to-A transition at position , which changes the codon for aspartic acid to one for asparagine. The Druze patients are homozygous for a T-to-G transversion at position , which changes the codon for isoleucine to one for serine.

parents about people and places they know from a past life. Makarem () customs of Druze marriages date back to the middle of the. 19th C. However, the​.

Finding a life partner is hard enough for anybody. Members of the Druze faith face an added pressure: keeping the religion alive. The faith is thought to have about 1. But an exodus of people fleeing wars in those countries has fueled a small but growing diaspora. There are about 30, in the United States, with the largest concentration in Southern California. While the Internet has made it easier for Druze to connect with each other — Kaedey met her husband on social media — growing contact with the outside world has increased the chances that members will marry outside the faith.

That is a path to extinction, because the religion does not accept converts and in its more conservative strands rejects children of mixed marriages. And so the future of the Druze faith may depend not only on pairing up its youth — a community effort — but also on whether the religion itself can make accommodations to the modern world. As religions go, the Druze faith is not especially old, having been formed roughly 1, years ago.

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Are you only marrying this person because he happens to be Druze? Harfouch is 23 years old with green-blue eyes, lightly freckled skin, and long, dark hair. On her left hand she wears a big diamond engagement ring. On her right wrist she wears a multi-colored beaded bracelet: green, red, yellow, blue, and white—the colors of the Druze star. Druze is a tiny Arab religion that originated in the Middle East 1, years ago. There are just over 1 million adherents in the world, with large concentrations in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel and roughly 30, in the United States.

Druze militias supported by the PLO drove the Maronites out of the Druze Shuf region. Thereafter This threat, to date, has not been carried out. Peres [​places] blame for civilian casualties on Hizbollah who shelled Israel from near the post.

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Despite increasing interest in genetics of the population structure of the Druze, their population history remains unknown.

We investigated the genetic relationships between Israeli Druze and both modern and ancient populations. We evaluated our findings in light of three hypotheses purporting to explain Druze history that posit Arabian, Persian or mixed Near Eastern-Levantine roots. The biogeographical analysis localised proto-Druze to the mountainous regions of southeastern Turkey, northern Iraq and southeast Syria and their descendants clustered along a trajectory between these two regions.

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The high-handed treatment accorded Druze complaints by the high commissioner, General Maurice Sarrail , and his arrest and detainment of several Druze leaders in July resulted in a full-fledged rebellion. When the rebellion reached Damascus , the French bombed the city, but Druze discontent continued to expand into southern Lebanon. The French fought the insurgents throughout , bombing Damascus once again, this time meeting with greater success, and by mid most of the trouble had died out.

The natural tendency of the Druze to isolationism was encouraged in order to keep them free of Arab nationalism but dependent on the French for their security. Druze revolt. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback.

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