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Since TimeArrays are immutable, they cannot be altered or changed in-place. In practical application, an existing TimeArray might need to be used to create a new one with many of the same values. This might be thought of as changing the fields of an existing TimeArray , but what actually happens is a new TimeArray is created. To allow the use of an existing TimeArray to create a new one, the update and rename methods are provided. The update method supports adding new observations only. Older and in-between dates are not supported:. The rename method allows the column name s to be changed. The rename! Theme documenter-light documenter-dark.

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Women are more likely than men to underrate themselves when it comes to investing. Yet women are usually in charge of household budgets, are more willing to save for the long-term and are better bargain hunters. Read More. The recent marriage of long-time public radio host Diane Rehm was written up in The Washington Post with the attention to detail that big weddings in big cities receive.

The far left column labeled “Roll” will give you the number of the roll call vote. Moving to the column on the right, you see the date the vote was cast.

In an interview with Vox back in , Allison spoke candidly about the cultural barriers she faced breaching the topic of sex at a school as conservative as Georgetown. In the first episode Morse struggles to reconcile her sexual liberty with her long-term desire to settle down. Allison is honest and surprisingly sincere, spouting out rehearsed one-liners in a way that the untrained Bravo-eye would not. Sadly, Miss Advised is just not that great. These women are not outlandish, ultra-rich, or entertaining on-screen.

Allison, though having her moments with witty quips i. Her calm demeanor and thoughtful articulation belies the quirky blogger and political science major within and is altogether unsuitable for a reality TV star. It premiered to poor ratings, particularly for the coveted under crowd. If you want to cheer on this Hoya in her dating escapades, the second episode of Miss Advised airs tonight on Bravo at 10 p.

It was an error on the part of an editor.

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Julia Allison born Julia Baugher, [1] February 28, is an American journalist , television commentator, and co-creator of lifecasting portal NonSociety. On graduating from college, she moved to New York and began working as a columnist for amNewYork , after which she became editor-at-large for Star magazine. Her freelance writing has featured in numerous magazines including Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health.

An award-winning financial and business news writer, Julia is the Smart Money columnist for the Portland Oregon Tribune. She also appears in the Smart Money​.

For those of you just joining us, and those of you lucky enough not to know who Ms. Occupation: Internet fameball who pens a blog chronicling her emotional breakdowns, bad relationships, and love of cupcakes. She is an expert in self-promotion, which is incredible considering what she is promoting. This and a brief stint as a legislative correspondent make her an expert on politics.

She is also infamous for her love of cupcakes, telling Gawker that her ex-boyfriend suffers from bipolar disorder and then asking said ex to buy her a MacBook Air, and massively over-sharing on her blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Perhaps this is why she formerly hosted a show called TMI Weekly. Some of you are probably wondering how a New York City blogger ended up a semi-regular feature on this little, one-horse fashion blog.

Or the no one at NY Fashion Week will notice my hideous, heart printed, Forever 21 sweater if I carry a Chanel purse and bring a dog to the tents look:. I could go on, but really, how much bad fashion can one post hold?

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I am so pleased to now be an RStudio-certified tidyverse trainer! I learned a lot that is going to make my teaching better, and I am happy to have been a participant. If you are looking for someone to lead trainings or workshops in your organization, you can check out this list of trainers to see who might be conveniently located to you!

Part of the certification process is delivering a demonstration lesson. I quite like the content of the demonstration lesson I built and I might not use it in an actual workshop anytime soon, so I decided to expand upon it and share it here as a blog post.

It is then stacked into a vertical layout starting from column 5 onward which is the first date – 22/01/ Please note that indexing in Julia starts.

File object. Opens the file and uses passed arguments to detect the number of columns and column types, unless column types are provided manually via the types keyword argument. Note that passing column types manually can increase performance and reduce the memory use for each column type provided column types can be given as a Vector for all columns, or specified per column via name or index in a Dict. The returned CSV.

File object supports the Tables. Row s. Row supports propertynames and getproperty to access individual row values. File file ; f. For example, one could iterate over a csv file with column names a , b , and c by doing:. By supporting the Tables. File can also be a table input to any other table sink function. Parses a delimited file into a DataFrame.

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Sophie julia dating How did he meet men and yes, the red flag: – join the leader in a discreet, caring, views. Contemporary romance kindle edition by actress. According to our records, her work with more dates. Barcroft tv recommended for her 1 million dollar fortune with sophie julia – is

Video created by University of Cape Town for the course “Julia Scientific There’s 54 rows, each with 9 columns, and the string in this column is what we’re​.

Julia Allison at the height of her web-centric microfame, in Allison indeed moved to Los Angeles and is in the process of shutting down NonSociety, which never meaningfully distinguished itself from Tumblr. In so doing, she has taken away a favorite spectator sport: following her career read: her attention-seeking antics. For a while, things were quiet. While the two mating-and-dating professionals onscreen seem in-control, if a bit eager to find their mates, Ms. Allison is unvarnished. At one point, we see her trying on tutus and strapping one on her dog.

I failed so miserably, I just gave up. I had no idea I was so self conscious. I found it to be the most nerve-wracking experience. Allison had reason to be wary. She had been the object of derision on Gawker and targeted hate sites. She had also lost faith in love—a troubling turn for a relationship columnist.

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This four-module course introduces users to Julia as a first language. Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language developed specifically for scientific computing. This language will be particularly useful for applications in physics, chemistry, astronomy, engineering, data science, bioinformatics and many more. As open source software, you will always have it available throughout your working life. It can also be used from the command line, program files or a new type of interface known as a Jupyter notebook which is freely available as a service from JuliaBox.

I’m Julia Naftulin and I’ve been writing about sex, dating, and relationships for three years. As ‘s resident relationship advice columnist, I answer.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. You can use the p specifier, which matches AM or PM. With that, your date format would look like this:. To see all the possible format characters, check out the docstring of Dates. Learn more. Asked 4 months ago. Active 4 months ago.

Viewed 54 times. File “.

Guest column by Eytan Deener-Agus and Julia Comer | A High Tide Hey Day and Graduation

Subscriber Account active since. Julia Naftulin is a health reporter at Insider covering sex, relationships, dating, and recreational drugs including cannabis and psychedelics. She also writes Insider’s relationship advice column Doing It Right. Julia is here to answer all of your questions about dating, love, and doing it — no question is too weird or taboo. Julia regularly consults a panel of health experts including relationship therapists, gynecologists, and urologists to get science-backed answers to your burning questions, with a personal twist.

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Previous Occupation(s): Former writer, former dating columnist for AM New York, former dating columnist for Time Out New York, former talking.

The Dates module provides two types for working with dates: Date and DateTime , representing day and millisecond precision, respectively; both are subtypes of the abstract TimeType. The motivation for distinct types is simple: some operations are much simpler, both in terms of code and mental reasoning, when the complexities of greater precision don’t have to be dealt with.

For example, since the Date type only resolves to the precision of a single date i. Both Date and DateTime are basically immutable Int64 wrappers. Additional time zone functionality can be added through the TimeZones. Date and DateTime types can be constructed by integer or Period types, by parsing, or through adjusters more on those later :. Date or DateTime parsing is accomplished by the use of format strings. Format strings work by the notion of defining delimited or fixed-width “slots” that contain a period to parse and passing the text to parse and format string to a Date or DateTime constructor, of the form Date “”,”y-m-d” or DateTime “”,”yyyymmdd”.

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I am five minutes late to catch Julia Allison’s latest publicity stunt — literally five minutes — but I can see from two blocks away that she has already drawn a crowd. There she is, at the epicenter of Times Square. About a dozen tourists surround her, and more join every minute. All around them, theater marquees and building-sized billboards jostle for attention, but they are no match for Allison.

Editors of those blogs knew that even the briefest mention of whom Allison was dating (usually someone famous) or what she was wearing .

Earlier this year, Allison was featured on the cover of Wired. She is also planning to star in a reality show about NonSociety later this year. Allison talks to PRWeek about the tricky business of being a Web celebrity in the age of personality journalism. What are your thoughts on being the poster child for Internet celebrity? Julia Allison : It was a great to be a part of that. But the only thing was, my true goal for me was never fame. I wanted two things: for editors to publish my work and for people to read my work.

And I think the piece may have [made it look] like I wanted to be famous just because I like attention. But I wanted to be like Nora Ephron – to be looked at creatively by an audience and [have] relative financial freedom. I saw one sure method to that end — making myself into a marquee name. Unfortunately — or fortunately — my personality is conducive for publicity…The article was ultimately a how-to, so I understand why they did that, but I’m a writer and never pretended to be an actor, singer, or like I had money.

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